Now that it’s been about a week since Netflix released Voltron: Legendary Defender, I wonder what people are saying about it? Have you spotted any Easter Eggs or callbacks? I’ve seen it called the best reboot ever, and I’m inclined to agree (the only other thing I’ve seen that might compete is the current TMNT on Nickelodeon series, but I’ve never been a big Turtles follower, so it’s hard for me to compare).

Personally, I *love* the new Voltron. I think it’s got all of the charisma of the original but delivered with so much more punch, humor, and flash. I’m not altogether onboard with Coran’s wackiness...I might have written him as more of a secretly tough Alfred, but whatever. I *love* that Allura’s got a smidge of “mystical power” about her (I kept thinking of House Jurai), I love the Pidge twist, and how all of the rest of the team have more significant character beats than before. There were one or two Keith moments that made me think of Priss from Bubblegum Crisis 2032 and at one point Pidge was making me think of Ed from Cowboy Bebop. (These are all good callbacks, if I’m actually guessing what was intended.)


But the best part? The Lions. They’ve got punch, flash, grace, muscle, and they sound amazing too. I even like the idea that the Lions are semi-sentient and can neurally feed their Paladins the knowledge and skills to pilot them. It’s just cool. The castle is amazing too, although I’m not sure I’ve got a good idea of the scale of the thing.

I’m just thrilled overall at the show, period. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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